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About Our Farm

Professional Local Farm

Golden Haven Farm is a local family-run Farm that has been milking 40 cows here in Buchannan, MI since 2018 and we love and adore each and every one of them. We are in the process of building a processing trailer and we hope to provide fresh dairy products in the near future.  

we have also recently started producing delicious fresh produce. Our produce is grown organically and we hope to continue to provide the community with fresh produce at our self-service stand and at local farmer's markets. 

Mission and Aspirations

An Environmental and Natural Farm

Our mission is to use regenerative and natural standards on our farm. To be environmentally friendly, and to provide a good example of animal care as well as fresh local produce to the public. We will strive to make sure that our endeavors translate into prosperity and growth for everyone involved with our farm. We make every effort to provide family and employees with a labor-efficient work environment and express a high degree of pride in all our duties.

We are a dairy farm focused on the profitability and sustainability of premium quality dairy products and fresh produce. We will strive to be faithful stewards to our animals and the environment, as well as respectful, responsible neighbors and assets to our community.

Our History

Where It All Began

It all started in 1992 when we purchased a few jersey cows

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